Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Incompetent Democrats in Flint and Detroit are mostly to blame for Flint's water lead contamination problems...

This is a huge public health disaster. And we Americans like our big, bad disasters in black and white. We want to blame it on one bad guy and reward one good guy. We’re not real good at nuance and chains of events … especially if they clash with our political beliefs.
Every Democrat in the country is calling for Gov. Snyder’s head and blaming it on the Republican governor and his emergency financial manager law. And not only are they ignoring the guys in the black hats who actually caused the problem, they’re really ignoring the victims. Worse, they’re using them as a tool to gain a political advantage. And that’s even larger tragedy.
That’s not what Flint’s children need right now. People need to focus on them, and not on their hatred of all things Republican.
The Federalist and Dennis Sanders: Who caused this mess in the first place?

The main culprits in this mess are the City of Flint and Detroit, both which have been run by Democrats for decades. As for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, the blame goes to it too (and its attempts to cover this up with the City of Flint and the Federal EPA).

Democrats like Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore respond typically, blaming Michigan's Republican Governor (even though the Governor is not responsible for municipal water in Flint) for errors caused by Democrats in Flint, Detroit and the EPA.

Instapundit: Don Surber: Thank you Ted Cruz for helping Flint, The EPA did its job in Flint! Why didn't Obama visit Flint? Dirty Democrat Double Standards, Democrats ignore their own culpability by blaming the Governor and Obama's EPA knew about his problem for a year and covered it up

Hot Air: Obama's EPA did its job in Flint, Michigan just like it did its job contaminating rivers in Colorado!

Wombat: Doug Powers: Bernie Sandes and Michael Moore on Flint's poisoned water and leaders

Jazz Shaw: Michael Moore on Flint and racist genocide


  1. To be fair, I think chick's linked article was meant to deflect blame and support fixing the problem. Further, he provided enough information to place blame all around. But the article did point that the initiating event was the Flint municipal government deciding to get out of a deal with Detroit early, Detroit retaliating by cutting the deal even earlier and raising the stakes, and then Flint responding with a new solution that was poorly implemented and tested. At this point, it is all Democrats at play.

    Republicans only come in when you discover both Flint and Detroit miss spent funds for decades. They gave nice pay and pensions to government union workers and not so much money to infrastructure improvements. So when a Republican governor had to step in and appoint a fiscally responsible Democrat to help make financial decisions for Flint; there wasn't much money left to make quick fixes to the infrastructure.

    The real news is that whatever is happening in Flint means time isn't being spent on discussing Rahm or Hillary.

    On second thought, I agree with Mike. Bush must be to blame.

    1. Can't the lead go back in Michael Moore's ass where it clearly belongs?

    2. I did say the blame was "mostly" with the Democrats.

  2. Yes you did, in the title. I just thought the article was good at explaining the genesis of the event, but not so good on trying to deflect blame, as it claimed to do.

    By the way, visited with in laws that had CBS news on. CBS started with a timeline of events. At every point, the only word used for government was "city", not one mention of the state. After the timeline story, they then had a story of how Democrat Presidential candidates called on the state governor to resign. The cognitive dissonance was impressive.


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