Thursday, January 21, 2016

I would dismiss this hysteria, but you have to take Bob Dole at least somewhat seriously since he is an expert on losing big to the Clintons...

Wombat: DaTechGuy: 3 Things on the Palin Endorsement

Rush Limbaugh: Palin's Trump Speech and the Conservative Movement and Understanding the Trump Appeal.
George Will should call out the bias of his Clinton and ABC buddy George Stephaopoulos

Meanwhile we have George Will threatening to go third party if Trump is the nominee.

Instapundit: Voters are unhappy and parties continue to ignore them and we might get a Trump Sanders race? Stephen Green links to Regular Right Guy and asks: Has 'Clinton Normal' caught up with Hillary?  And Ed Morrissey sees a populist train wreck coming

Red State/Dan McLaughlin: Marco Rubio is currently feeling the love, if getting hammered like Dresden with every other candidates attack ads is love.  


  1. Bob Dole is irrelevant.

    George Will is making himself irrelevant.

    1. I like that Bob Dole is even responding on this, just to remind us he is still alive.

      Dole is GOPe all the way, but I have a soft spot for him just because of his service in WWII (he was a replacement 2nd Lt. in Italy who was severely injured his first day on the line).

  2. Bob Dole is still alive?

    This stuff about Cruz is making me feel good. The internal polling must be better than what we are seeing in other polls, otherwise the GOPe wouldn't be wasting the time and money trying to trash Cruz. We are also seeing the mask slipping, as these supposed hard core Republicans are freely admitting that they rather have a Socialist or die before accepting the opinion of their base. And they claim we want to burn it all down.

    1. I am worried for Ted. The internal polling obviously prompted this attack, but the tag team of the media and the GOPe can hurt him. Trump wants to start running the table and Ted is in the way.


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