Sunday, January 31, 2016

Democrats with Benefits: Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, and Real Rape Culture

Hillary Clinton's email problems are not going away, in fact they are heating up at the wrong time. But that is not the only problem Hillary is facing.

As we go into the Iowa Caucuses tomorrow, Democrats should be asking themselves if the Clintons are really such champions of women's rights as they claim? The truth is Bill Clinton is a serial sexual abuser of women and Hillary Clinton has been covering for him for years. While Bill Clinton denies the abuse, so does Bill Cosby. We are in a different world than the 90s and this is not going away

Mark Steyn: A Tale of Two Bills

Friends of Clinton: That's what friends are for! 


  1. "While Bill Clinton denies the abuse, so does Bill Cosby."

    You do know a Federal judge threw the suit against Cos out of court, right?

    (I can't blame you if you don't, as the news blackout on it is only rivaled by the one of the Malheur occupation and subsequent shooting of Robert Finicum)

    1. What was the basis of throwing it out? Statute of limitations? I assume a lot of gold diggers are coming out of the woodwork for Cosby, but to suggest that these allegations are all fabricated is not true either (especially since he admitted in a deposition he used 'ludes on lady guest without her consent.


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