Saturday, January 2, 2016

As Rush Limbaugh predicted, Hillary debate comment prompts Islamic terrorists to link Trump comments...

What a crock this is from Vice's Wardah Khalid. Where to begin? I am sorry that people occasionally profile you because of you being Muslim and that "exhausts" you. While most of us recognize the vast majority of Muslims are not terrorists (or terrorist sympathizers) there is a very dangerous minority who are terrorists. Sort of like the vast majority of gun owners are law abiding citizens, but a few nut jobs spoil things for the rest of us. Yes that does mean discomfort and false alarms (as we all have had to face since 9/11) and there is certainly room for improvement in that regard.  We want to effectively block terrorism while not inconveniencing us all and restricting civil liberties. Still, I am sure those families of the dead in San Bernardino wish there was a bit more profiling of Syed Farook, but apparently your feelings must take precedence Wardah.  

By the way Wardah, isn't Bill Maher the executive producer of Vice? Here is what Maher had to say about Ahmed the Clock Boy.  

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  1. Al Qaeda is now running interference for Hillary Clinton

    Now there is a campaign ad.


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