Sunday, December 6, 2015

Republicans and the NRA need to be careful in responding to Obama's latest gun grab...

Let me start with this, the Obama Administration all about turning recent horrible events into a "wonderful opportunity" for Democrats.  The Obama Administration are craven liars and completely and utterly dishonest.

That does not mean they are stupid (at least politically).

Obama's approval rating is plummeting over his miserable handling of ISIS.  Obama and the State Department are incapable of terrorist control (Tashfeen Malik should have been screened better and have set off some flags warranting additional review--none of that happened).  Obama has to change the topic fast (Glenn Reynolds is absolutely correct with his latest USA Today article).

I disagree with Jonah on this point. I know Obama and Schumer are not being honest on this issue and I recognize the trap the Democrats are trying to set--make the Republicans look so rabid on guns they would rather give them to terrorists than agree to any "reasonable" restriction.  I find the politicization of these issues sickening too. Trump may be giving the smartest answer to the press.  Rather than jumping all in with the Democrats on their "no fly" list, Trump is saying he wants to keep guns from terrorists.  Look how the liberal media is framing the issue.

So rather than saying a blanket no (or yes), Republicans need to be smart and use this as an opportunity to explain why this needs to be carefully done (so they can explain it to the public).  Let's look at the proposed legislation.  Let's propose amendments. To make sure civil liberties of the innocent are protected, to make sure that any restriction passes constitutional muster, and to make sure it is effective. While terrorism is in the fore front of thought right now, gun control is a toxic issue for Democrats in a general election.

The Democrats don't want to do that, they want to demonize Republicans, Conservatives, and Libertarians. Don't let them do it.

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