Monday, December 7, 2015

Remember A Day That Will Live In Infamy...

The Imperial Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor at 7:53 AM Hawaii Time on December 7, 1941 (11:53 AM Central Time)

Bob and Mark are correct, the current administration is unwilling to adequately deal with this threat.  
There will be a change of administrations, but that is a year away...  
ISIS will not defeat us, but the West can defeat the West

In Phillip Dick's alternative universe dystopian novel (with an adaptation currently on Amazon) The Man In The High Castle, America loses to Japan and Nazi Germany due to the assignation of Roosevelt before the war starts (and Roosevelt's weaker Vice President's failed leadership), a far move devastating loss at Pearl Harbor, and the eventual invasion of North America (and the carving up of the country). I do not want to over state it, but that show resonates with current events in a disturbing way.

ISIS attacks in 2015 outside of Syria and Iraq: Approximately a thousand murdered people (and the year is not over). ISIS as a military force is not the equivalent of the WWII Axis Powers, but in some ways they are far more ruthless and if they ever manage to buy a nuclear weapon watch out. They will soon have the ability (if they don't have it already) to pull off a dirty bomb or chemical weapon attack in the Middle East. They want to trigger a major event in the West.

While these murderous thugs are probably not going away soon, you deal with a metastatic cancer like the Islamic State by attacking it. Outside "medical" treatment is only part of the solution, a patient will not get better until its own immune system kicks in and that would be moderate Muslims (if they are capable of reforming themselves and Islam). Obviously Kurdish and Iraqi forces (while not always "moderate") are fighting the Islamic State. But we have a Turkish government that is more concerned with curtailing Kurds than defeating the IS (especially with all the money that is being made by illicit oil sales). Obama is more concerned with curtailing Republicans than he is in addressing murderous Islamic jihadis overseas and at home. It is time for Muslims around the world to step up and help purge themselves of the IS/Daesh too. It is time for President Obama to start defending our nation.

I often don't agree with Vice, but this is a good article on how to defeat IS/Daesh (it won't be 100% but it is way better than what we are doing now):
The third and final argument against direct deployment of international ground forces is that they will take casualties in the field, and that their intervention will lead to blowback at home. But blowback is already happening at home, whether the West sends troops or not. Whether it is preferable for the inevitable casualties to be suffered by well-equipped troops in the Middle East who can at least defend themselves, or by Western civilians in their home capitals or on vacation is a question for the international community's voters to discuss. 
IS will continue to strike Western interests where it can, when it can, whatever Western policymakers decide. The only question is whether to draw out the current strategy and defeat the group within years, or summon up the political will to destroy the group's ability to strike the West within months. IS is at war with the West, whether the West likes it or not. The West will destroy IS as a functioning state whether IS likes it or not. What remains to be decided is when and how.
I do not see full US invasion of Syria anytime soon (nor would that necessarily be a good thing), but better military aid with more special force assistance to Kurdish and other forces we are aligned with and more effective air strikes on our enemies would make a difference.

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