Friday, December 4, 2015

Media allowed to rummage through San Bernardino Killers' apartment? How did the Police and FBI allow this to happen?

This is insane circusThis is media and law enforcement malpractice.

Sean Davis/The Federalist: WTF just happened in the Terrorists' apartment in San Bernardino?

Well, the Government is busy curtailing American gun rights, chilling free speech, and fighting climate change...

EBL: Farook and wife pledged allegiance to ISISWhat the left really means about "reasonable" gun control, What motivated the shooters in San Bernardino, and Terror in San Bernardino

Instapundit: It's called evil, FBI investigating shooting as an act of terrorism

Instapundit: Unfreaking Believable, Even for MSNBC and how did the FBI let this happen?
Protein Wisdom: Bomb factory in garage and what was Tashfeen's roll?
DaTechGuy: It's more than a narrative

Wombat: Joe for America: Obama says Syrian Refugees coming to San Bernardino
Lem's Place: Puts up an appropriate Marx Brothers bit


  1. Once law enforcement turns the property back to the property owner/landlord, the property owner can do whatever he wants to, including allowing media tours.

    1. That is incorrect. First you have to accept the FBI would leave shredded papers under the shredder, ids of family members, photographs, etc. from a terrorist's apartment. All that stuff would have been typically bagged and carted away as potential evidence. And even if it is true the FBI was done with its investigation (I am very skeptical of that), the landlord cannot go into an apartment (even if the people are known deceased) without a court order (other than emergency maintenance). He definitely cannot let the media paw through personal belongings (they are not the landlord's). Something stinks here. My guess, the police and FBI screwed up and didn't properly secure property.

  2. This is about pushing the widows and orphans line.

    Sure, they had an arsenal and a bomb-making factory, but, other than that they were normal.


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