Friday, December 11, 2015

Frank Sinatra: Put Your Dreams Away and The Best Is Yet To Come

The 12 days of Sinatra are coming to a close...

Put Your Dreams Away was the song they closed Frank Sinatra's funeral with.  It was a song written by Ruth Lowe, Paul Mann, and Stephan Weiss. Frank first recorded it in 1944-45, Sinatra used it as a closing theme song for his radio shows, and recorded it several more times in his career. While Frank's birthday tomorrow is intended to be a celebration, this Sinatra Century Celebration coming to an end is a bit sad too. But I am pretty sure Mark, Bob, Pundette and myself are not done posting Sinatra songs.

Ruth Lowe also wrote I'll Never Smile Again which Mark had as his Song of the Century #26.

Ok, enough of that sad stuff (as Frank would have been apt to say after brooding a while), let's get over it...

The Best Is Yet To Come, by Cy Coleman and Carolyn Leigh. It was the last song Frank sang in public before he died (and the words the best is yet to come are on his grave memorial).  And here is Redbank, New Jersey's own Count Basie backing the kid from Hoboken (and arranged by Quincy Jones).  Mark had this song as #75 Song of the Century and Bob had it as #13 on his song list.  I had Sinatra, Basie and Quincy at the Sands.

Mark's Sinatra Song of the Century #98 is That's Life.
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