Monday, November 16, 2015

The Obama Administration is still pressing forward in taking Syrian refugees? Why?

Apparently the recent events in France have not diminished Barack Obama's still plans to import Syrian refugees to the United States.

That is how Progressives think...

I know the left wants to pretend that 9/11 was an aberration (or as they deem lately a bi-product of global warming) or that all our problems stem from ousting Saddam Hussein. If you are going to be intellectually honest, this problem would undoubtedly still be with us regardless of the decision to overthrow Hussein. I was not a fan of enhanced interrogation techniques, but does anyone really think that water boarding spurred this recent attack (or prompted Khalid Sheikh Mohammed or Jihad Johnny to start sawing off heads with butcher knives)? Hitchens also notes that the failed war of choice in Libya (the one Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama got us into) is contributing to the crisis Europe is facing.

I was offended by Peter Hitchens' piece about the Paris slaughter (there were far more offensive takes from the left out there, but I expected better from Hitchens). Not with his overall general advice (albeit generic and obvious), of course we do need to think and really look at what works and what does not in dealing with these terror threats. But there is so much fundamentally wrong with Hitchen's article, most importantly the advice (or lack of it) for dealing with killers such as the West faced last Friday. Hitchens is not currently of the left, but his thinking is muddled on this subject.

I absolutely reject the idea we abandon western civil liberties by detaining dangerous foreign attackers (rather we abandon western civil liberties by not defending ourselves). When did prisoners of war ever warrant trials?  The jihadis do have a master plan to break us--we should respond appropriately and defend outselves. There is nothing inherently shameful about Guantanamo, as a facility, other than the Obama's administration obsession with catch and release of captured Islamic Jihadis (and who's twisted faith and ideology dare not be named). Militant Islam is still part of Islam.
Je Suis Charlie Martel: Those who forget history are bound to repeat it...

Peter Hitchens rejects neoconservatism and Obama's Arab Spring (Hitchens' advice on be careful what you wish for is a sound one). Still, Islamofascism (as his late brother was apt to describe the forces we are combating) is not going away.

Actually, in the short term, Peter Hitchens nails the issue we need to guard against.
It is remarkably hard to defend yourself against an enemy whose language few of us speak, yet who speaks ours and can move freely in our world, and who is willing, even happy, to die at our hands – or his own – if he can kill us first.
I totally agree with that observation. So why would we (leaving Germany's Angela Merkel's societal suicidal tendencies aside) want to import millions of people from this region where there are better alternatives to help true refugees from where they are? That is why there is a backlash to taking in Syrian refugees. While we are at this point yet, we are at war that is in a way just as significant as the Cold War and WWII. It is a lack of measured response by the establishment that makes escalation of violence more likely.

Here is a country that has had no Islamic terror attacks, wonder why? 

Christopher Hitchens responds from the grave about Charlie Hebdo.

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  1. The way I see it, taking 10000 Syrian refugees is job security for the FBI, Dept. of Homeland Security and the police. How is that different than releasing 6,000 (black) prisoners who have not served their terms in Federal Prison?

    1. The Syrians are not citizens, they are NOT showing favoritism to Christians and religious minorities (so most will be Muslim and far far harder to screen), they are an economic drain on our society in the short term, and the risk of terrorist threat makes it a terrible idea. And they are talking way more than 10,000 (they want over 100,000 per year). It would be a potential disaster and there is really no upside I can see. France's population is about 8% Muslim (how is that working out for them) and ours is less than 2% and most are well assimilated. Do we really want to screw that up with a large number of Syrians (and Pakistanis, Iraqis, etc. who are mixing in with them)?

      As for releasing prisoners early from federal prison, that is a completely different issue. That may or may not be a good idea. Depends on the criminal, what they did, potential risk of violence going forward, conduct in prison, etc. I am pretty sure they are not just releasing black prisoners.

  2. All the crazies need is a gun free zone and they can easily eclipse the 460 casualties of Bombay and the 500 of Paris.

    Maybe Idiot Boy wants another 9/11 so he can pronounce himself dictator.

    If so, I think he's in for a big surprise.


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