Monday, November 2, 2015

Spectre Coming Soon

You are only paranoid if they really aren't out to get you: Victor Davis Hanson: Readings from the Book of Saul, Ed Driscoll: Top down control for thee, but not for me, the Clinton Bag Man

Mark Steyn: A Theme to a Kill and Type Cast

EBL: Jill St. John (you have to have a Bond Girl)

Hot Air: No Bill, No
TOM: Then again with voters like this, maybe Gates has a point: 23 and Exhausted
The Corner/Geraghty: The richest man in the world claims representative democracy is the problem?
Instapundit: Fighting climate change with a private jet that seats 19
Wombat: Doug Powers/Michelle Malkin: Bill Gates says free market can't save world from climate change

Wombat: American Thinker: But there is a lot of money to be made by shipping oil by tanker cars and it is good for Warren Buffet to have good friends in the White House.  

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  1. They are ALWAYS out to get you find the error of your ways...and fix you.


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