Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Refugee Violent Crime Skyrocketing: What could go wrong?

Stories like this, if reported by the media, could be a game changer...
Diamant dug into a decade's worth of data on a massive federal immigration database. The numbers revealed that from 2003 through 2013, federal authorities deported 1,033 refugees, including 89 from Georgia. In those overall numbers, 713 refugees got kicked out of the United States for committing aggravated felonies, including dozens of assaults, sex crimes, drug crimes and homicides.
Jersey City's Blind Sheikh Omar Rahman

EBL: Obama needs to own the crisis he created in SyriaFBI investigating 900 homegrown ISIS cases, Is it Trump's race to lose?, there is a fundamental difference between fundamental Islam and Christianity,why would Syrian-Americans say no to Syrian refugees?, and ISIS is a symptom of a far bigger problem

Visions of things to come: Tranquil Swedish village transformed into hell hole , Germany's Merkel to welcome 1,000,000 more Syrian refugees, more Muslim immigrants scheduled to come to USA than entire population of District of Columbia (what could go wrong)

Instapundit: This Is CNN: Christine Amanpour shames U.S. about not taking in Syrian refugees and then fails to vet her guest (oops), Hillary embraces the terrorist veto, Daily CallerHuma Abedin on video discussing Syrian refugeesIf you think it might be romantic and fun to run off and joint ISIS (think again), Roger Simon: Islam needs an intervention

Mark Steyn: Shelter in Place Until Further Notice, Feline Groovy, and Night of the Viral Cat Memes

Rush Limbaugh: Obama says nothing to worry about with Syrian refugees, then issues a global travel advisory and those Syrian refugees are just like the Pilgrims

The True Cost of Muslim "Enrichment" in Europe

Why can't we talk about Islam honestly?

Instapundit: Yes we should consider Refugees' religion

Instapundit: Pilgrims were not like Syrian Refugees, Most Americans tend to celebrate Thanksgiving with religious overtones, and Happy Thanksgiving from Glenn Reynolds

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