Friday, November 6, 2015

Isn't the possible bomb attack on the Russian tourist aircraft the real story out of Egypt right now?

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  1. It takes about four seconds at the crash site to decide if it was a bomb. This is because the chemicals involved in making and detonating bombs are VERY easy to identify. The section of the aircraft that broke off (vertical and horizontal stabilizers and fuselage) is roughly intact. That's where you'd find the tell-tale evidence. But they didn't - not so far based on reports. My guess remains that the aircraft (a very old Airbus 321) suffered a structural failure.

    1. So is Obama and the Brits saying this to embarrass the Russians and Putin's involvement in Syria? It would be a flip false story as the Benghazi Mohammed video. I could see Obama trying something so dumb, but the Brits too? There must be more.

  2. This is because the chemicals involved in making and detonating bombs are VERY easy to identify.

    Um, some chemicals are probably easy to identify from the other detonating material, such as Avgas onboard the aircraft. There are all sorts of way to cause an overpressure inside of a cylinder, and unless you know exactly what caused it and where it started, it will take a little more than 4 seconds to collect samples for analysis.

  3. A little crash-boom-bang always livens up a slow news feed, but I think the real story is more on the Hillary email front, where we seem to be getting into chargeable offenses.

    PS Can't you do something about how the text editor blanks because the blogroll and the %$^%& social media stuff is loading or you jump to another screen to copy something?


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