Saturday, November 14, 2015

ISIS claims American blood is best...

Instapundit: For good reason...

μολών λαβέ

Unfortunately a lot of people (many of them bad) are taking us up on that
 and we are not resisting it...

And for those Germans (and other Europeans) who can't find pepper spray on the shelves anymore...

And Amazon will even send it to you! Granted pepper or bacon spray will not help you much from murderous Jihadis with AK-47s, but maybe Angela Merkel has some ideas to deal with it.

Oh oh. Lem's Levity: Obama moves to accelerate Syrian refugees coming to USA
NRO/Andrew McCarthy: At least one Paris terrorist recent Syrian refugee
Hot Air: Will This Time Be Different? Bill Maher claims bombing ISIS caused the attacks? Those Frenchies need to lay back and dream of Napoleon (or Charles Martel)!
AoSHQ: Two of the ISIS terrorists were recently processed Syrians through Greek asylum?

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