Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Idiot and Partisan Clown Chris Matthews distorts world history in defense of Obama...

I guess Matthews forgets ISIS stands for Islamic State Iraq Syria

Japan has managed to avoid any Islam motivated attacks, this is why.

Mark Steyn: Imagine, There's No Imagination
Instapundit: John Oliver Beclowns Himself
Jonah Goldberg and Liberal Fascism
DaTechGuy: When you lost MA...

Lem's Place: The reality is the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic...
Regular Right Guy: Charlie Sheen speaks out about HIV (more Muslims need to face reality and speak out against ISIS)
American Power Blog: Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a brave voice from the Islamic world
Darleen Click: Heck of a Job, Barack
Is Western Civilization in Terminal Decline? It could be. I would say it is at a very critical crossroad. 

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  1. Chrissy forgets (if he knew) how Joe DiMaggio had to go on the radio to explain how most Italians in this country were not Fascisti.


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