Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I guess we should be thankful a World War didn't start (yet)...


  1. The Turks claim they had the right to shoot, but it was not a smart move. It makes Turkey appear to be providing air support to extreme Islamic terrorists. Russia, the US and the rest of NATO have long known that Turkey has been a primary supporter of the Islamic State since its inception. Now the Turks have acted openly as accomplices to terrorism, especially if the Turkish fighters operated in Syria.

    The Russians will avenge this shoot down. They subscribe to the Israeli doctrine of asymmetric punishment. (as do I)

    Russia has many options for retaliation, such as a Russian ambush of Turkish jets operating in Syrian airspace against Syrian Kurdish positions which they regularly do. Russian air defense missiles at Humaymim near Latakia and from the cruiser Moskva easily can reach the Turkish border. The Syrians have given the Russians permission to defend Syrian airspace. Now they will.

    1. The Turks over reacted. Those F-16s could have escorted the Russian jet out and the jet was (probably) not even in Turkish airspace. Asymmetric punishment is fine, but this series of events is dangerous...

      Obama shows not making a decision (or making weak pathetic decisions) can have consequences.

  2. The big mistake was Poot thought Pissy would do his job and rein in the Turks.

    Silly boy, unless he;s sure he can bully somebody without fear of reprisal, Pissy hasn't got the guts to do anything.


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