Monday, November 23, 2015

Barack Obama needs to own the crisis he helped create in Syria...

Peter Beinart claims Obama wants to stand on the right side of history in dealing with America's evil? Say what? So merely questioning the wisdom of Obama's reckless Syrian refugee plan makes us all xenophobes and nativists?

How pathetic and disgraceful such a comment is made by an American President (it is almost like his pal from the neighborhood Bill Ayers was saying it)...

Oh wait, we were talking about evil. You know who's really evil? ISIS is evil. You know how ISIS managed to take over huge swaths of Syria and Iraq?  How soon we forget Biden and Obama declaring Iraq to be a success story.  So what happened? What happened is Obama allowing Iraq and Syria to become disaster cases.  Oh yeah, Obama's and Hillary War of Choice in Libya too (maybe Beinart can go down the hall at The Atlantic and speak with Conor Friedersdorf about that). Obama also wrecked US and Egyptian ties. I am not even sure it is bumbling and incompetency, it is arguably far more malevolent than that.

Beinart is often wrong.

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  1. He was raised that way.

    Anybody who said he did anything bad or wrongly was a racist.

    Then he is exposed to Uncle Saul who told him never admit you're wrong about anything and you have multiple neuroses boiling up in a world where reality says he screwed up royally.


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