Friday, November 13, 2015

A Trump Carson Ticket? Probably not after Trump's speech last night...

A Trump Carson Ticket? (that was the buzz for a while)

Hot Air: Probably Not (Carson asks we pray for Trump) and Steve Deace's Heart is Broken
I understand Trump and Carson are competing in Iowa, but this does not help...

Rush Limbaugh's Advice To Trump: Back to the Issues (that was good advice then, it is good advice now) and Dr. Ben Carson is an accomplished human being and the Drive Bys are Wrong About the End (again).  Trump will be around a while, still while I get why getting Carson out of the race would be a good idea for Trump you want to do so in a way you can co-opt his supporters.

I think it unlikely though...

Regular Right Guy: Yuge!
Camp of the Saints: The Gulag
American Power: Hysteria at Claremont College
Instapundit: Roger Simon (why Paris happened): A Suggestion for Donald Trump
Is Trump imploding and if so why the bump in the polls?
Reason: Is Ben Carson Donald Trump's Weakness?

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  1. Good point.

    I have a feeling Paris will winnow the field nicely.


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