Saturday, October 3, 2015

Why do we blame guns whenever there is a shooting?

Instapundit: The lying media is twisting this Oregon shooter's narative just a wee bit (he was a self described multi racial Wiccan who hated Christians, not a 'white supremacist'), Eugene Volokh: Guns and Alcohol, okay, let's politicize mass shootings

Hillary is coming for your guns...

EBL:  Fatal Shooting Spree at Oregon College

And Sarah Hoyt is right: Let's ignore the pathetic deranged killer and focus on the heroes for a change, in this case Chris Mintz who took seven shots to save others

Lem's Levity
AmPowerBlog: Better security
Regular Right Guy: Does Obama own stock in gun manufacturers and retailers?

Mark Steyn: In search of why? I recall a book about questions in Oregon, The River Why? If you have issues to work out, taking up fly fishing is an excellent way of doing that.

Regular Right Guy: Was Oregon Shooter on Federal Terrorist Watch List (tipped off by the Russians)?


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