Friday, October 30, 2015

The Walking Jeb!

Rush Limbaugh: The Epic Fail of Jeb

Kevin Williamson: Rubio and Cruz
Camp of the Saints: Poor Jeb: Bad Posture, Bad Luck
The Lid: Jeb's Obsessive Fear of Marco Rubio

AoSHQ: The RNC are a bunch of spineless betas, but cultural power is political power
Rush Limbaugh: Cruz explains the concept of winning
Instapundit: CNBC gave conservatives a huge favor by demonstrating media bias
Legal Insurrection: Jeb sad and pathetic
American Power Blog: Will Reince Priebus become a walker too?
Regular Right Guy: Is CNBC the cable business channel?
Rush Limbaugh: Drive Bys not embarassed and no more CNBC crap sandwiches (we'll see)

Hot Air: RNC in the bag for Jeb! (get a room you two) and Jeb! consultant betas attack Rubio because they can't attack Jeb (at least till the checks stop coming) and Trump (who mocks them and laughs at their puny flailing).

Examiner: The Secret to Ben Carson's Succcess

Instapundit: Roger Simon: Jeb needs an intervention

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  1. Jeb!

    He needs to find something better to spend his time doing.


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