Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Martian: A Review

Yeah, Matt Damon is in this movie...

Given the disappointment of Prometheus (it's a movie both like and find incredibly annoying), The Martian is a far better movie.  Yes it is science fiction, but the engineering is hardly speculative and the movie is really a survival thriller. It got a 94% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  It basically follows Andy Weir novel, with a few deviations (don't read if you don't want spoilers).

Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara and Kristen Wiig (and the rest of the cast) do a great job.  

Mackenzie Davis as Mindy Park

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Federalist: The real message of the Martian

The location was a big star too...


  1. I read the book (before the movie was announced), haven't seen the movie mainly because of Damon -- and had decided to wait for it to land on HBO in six months.

    I did go and see Sicario (new in theaters) and felt that it was very intense and well done if you like narco movies.

    1. I saw the Martin in regular movie format (not 3-d). It was good on the big screen, so that is the only thing you give up with your plan (other than seeing it right away). Damon is annoying in real life, but he is a decent actor.

      Thanks for the tip of Sicario.


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