Wednesday, October 28, 2015

So how do you remove a student from a class room that does not want to be removed?

This is a no win situation for the officer. The student is disrupting the class room and if you don't deal with situations like this it makes learning for all the students impossible. She may have punched the officer. If a student will not cooperate with a lawful order, she has to be physically engaged. I can't tell if the officer has his firearm on him in this video, but that makes grappling with a student that much more challenging. In hindsight the only option was clear the class room, wait for back up, and then expel the student with more than once officer. Which (if she doesn't cooperate then) is going to involve physical force. 

Instpaundit: So why is America in an apocalyptic state of mind? and let's ban zero tolerance

Deputy Ben Fields got fired. I am sure a big ol' civil suit is coming soon (let's see if the politicians roll over on that or fight it).  Other than my hindsight observation, I am not sure what this Deputy could have done different. I guess he should have called it in and asked his boss what to do. Nevertheless, do you think this might have consequences?  

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