Sunday, October 11, 2015

Frank Sinatra: Anytime, Anywhere

While not one of the more popular Frank Sinatra standards, it is still a great song by Imogen Carpenter and Lenny Adelson, arranged by Nelson Riddle.  The songs from Look To Your Heart were recorded between 1953 and 1955, but not released till 1959.

Mark Steyn is all about Nelson Riddle with Van Heusen and Mercer's I Thought About You.  And Pundette has Cole Porter's Night and Day, in Paris and orchestrated by Nelson Riddle. And for the Riddle Trifecta, Bob Belvedere has the album Nice and Easy on his #9 for best Sinatra disks.

I had Frank's early hit with Tommy Dorsey Trade Winds. I also had Rain (Falling From The Skies) and The Night We Called It A Day. Before that I had Gershwin's I Got Plenty 'O' Nuttin. I had the jazz standard Indian Summer with bonus Michele Carey. Given Mark's post a Cole Porter Indian Summer classic It's All Right With MeI posted the Can Can film clip of that performance along with the lovely Juliet Prowse. I added Sinatra and Day singing a terrific version of Take Me Out To The Ball Game in remembrance of Yogi Berra's passing. And I think I collected links to most of the autumn themed Sinatra songs I previously posted in recognition of the autumn equinox. I also had Frank and the Kessler Twins for Oktoberfest.

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It’s a swingin’ world.

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