Thursday, October 1, 2015

Al Gore May Run

So says Jorge Ramos (is Al channeling Trump hair)
Al's so fat, glaciers retreat faster than he can run.

Feel The Bern: $26 million cash haul

Instapundit: The camera does not lie, despite media conflict of interests and biased reporting, Hillary is still losing ground to her democrat competitors, great Clinton email moments, and Al Gore is emitting green house gases again

EBL: Where did the Clinton millions go?: As far back as she could remember she always wanted to be a gangster...


  1. They're also talking about Lurch.

    They are desperate.

  2. While I delight at the prospect of another hat in the ring to further splinter the moonbat base, my blood runs ice-cold at the prospect of a President Gore, Warren, Brown, or Sanders. They make Biden attractive.


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