Thursday, September 10, 2015

Will Trump's Big Mouth Get Him In Trouble? Update: Hillary wants to debate Trump? Why not do it now?

Yeah, I have to go with Ace of this, probably...

“Let me tell you one thing that you can count on with great certainty—if you hit me, I will hit you back 100 times harder—harder than you’ve ever been hit before!” Donald Trump
That is both Trump's blessing and his curse.

Rush Limbaugh: Trump sticks it to CNN and Three Huge Stories You Heard Here First, Jindal goes after Trump and Rush's Advice to Trump: Back To The Issues
Rush had a caller on today (a woman) who is turned off by this whole Carly thing.  She said (and Rush agreed) that if he stopped doing this he might be at 45% today. Rush then went back to saying that where Trump really resounds is focusing on issues (like immigration) and hammering it.  
Instapundit: Meet the New Palace Guards and Trump may steal enough black voters to win
Glenn Beck is embarrassed he ever supported Sarah Palin and John Nolte notes: Trump fights like a leftist and wins, and Barack and the Donald: Separated at Birth?

Hillary wants to debate The Donald (he should challenge her to that right now)

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  1. The answer to the first question is, "Yes".

    The answer to the second question is, "Now's just fine?".


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