Saturday, September 26, 2015

Why are Republican Campaign Consultants So Disloyal?

Rick Wiley: "It's [I'm] a f____ing bitch, man."
Here are three examples

Instapundit: Now that Walker is down, is Fiorina in Trouble? Only if she hires scumbags like the three above, we need imagination and guts on our side, face the truth, and The View is failing because it sucks (and it hired and fired a loser like Nicole Wallace).  

And the payoff for their disloyalty is high paying gigs in the opposition media (even if ABC dumped Wallace, she and her nipple headed partner are still working for MSNBC).

Mark Steyn: After The Balls and Bob has more

The Dems get way better gigs than the Republicans, but hey, crumbs to the serfs...

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