Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The native born STEM worker shortage is a lie: Native STEM professionals laid off, while tech companies petition for foreign replacements...

Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Google want foreign workers because they contribute to the bottom line, work for less, and are completely under company control 


  1. I have a friend that happened to. They asked him to train his replacement from India (in India) and offered to keep him on the payroll until the training was complete. He just quit and said, "you train him".

  2. I remember when the STEM shortage meme began, as NASA was laying off thousands at the end of the Shuttle Program. I know, because I was one. Now, the oil industry is laughing off tens of thousands. That's Technology and Engineering as well some Science. We have a large excess of STEM employees, yet we supposedly need immigrants? Such BS. The only area of STEM with some shortages is Medicine, but when the government thinks medicine should be cheap and available to everyone; there's going to be a lot of demand with fewer people wanting to work on the cheap.

  3. What a lot of these companies are doing is running the corporation into the ground. Unless your market is inventing new IT, then the whole point to IT is solving business problems. What I've seen happen in at least 99% of cases is that the foreign workers don't understand the business problem, no matter how many times you repeat it. They claim to, but yet the solution never really solves the problem. Also, they've got no skin in the game. Worst case, they move on to another company or even to another country. Or move back home. Meanwhile, the hiring company dissed its only source of legacy and niche systems by trying to save a couple of bucks.

    This will ultimately lead to disaster. I think that shortly we'll start seeing companies lose their market, if not collapse, and it will be the combination of greed and lack of real technical talent that causes it. Think about it: this country became a technical giant because of its natural resource of corn-fed tech talent. They were the ones who really understood the business and the business model, and kept things running down in the trenches. But, you know, the execs have their golden parachute, so who cares what happens to the economy?


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