Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Clintons are getting desperate...

American Thinker: Quiet Panic
Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton detests having to turn to he philandering husband for a rescue. And she realizes that it would be far better to save him for much later in the campaign, when he could be more of a novelty and provide the momentum needed toward the end.
But matters are spinning out of control, with Bernie Sanders as many as 16 points ahead of her in New Hampshire, and Joe Biden’s people sending signals he is likely to enter the race and steal even more support. Even comforting words from Huma (who has her own problems) are not enough to soothe away the growing panic. So all to early, it became time to bring in Bubba, and have him deliver some balm, to denigrate critics and minimize the significance of the scandal.
This email scandal is way more than mere politics.  If anything it is politics that have saved Hillary so far from being charged criminally.  And if the Democrats have a more viable alternative, such as Joe Biden, well they might exercise a right to choose on Hillary Clinton's continued viability.

it could be the end of a dream (or a nightmare)...

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  1. Willie, the political genius, should have had this fixed by now.

    Could it be he was never what he was cracked up to be?*

    PS If you can believe Fast Eddie "Let's make a deal" Rendell. Joe will not run.

    So does that make Bernie the nominee?



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