Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Autumn Equinox Arrives

If you get crisp nights, warm days and not too much rain, Autumn in New York can be absolutely gorgeous. And beyond getting outside and enjoying it, what better way to celebrate the season than listening to Sinatra autumn themed songs? 

 Autumn in New York

I tried to find a photo of Frank doing something autumn-ish like raking leaves, walking outside while the leaves were changing, etc.

Frank riding a bike, not sure what time of year...

Frank liked the Sands (when he owned a piece of it)

Frank seemed to prefer indoor activities, such as gambling, entertaining with ladies, smoking (back when you could still smoke inside), drinking, and of course:
Frank Palombo and Frank Sinatra eating in Philadelphia

Best I could find are Bob Willoughby photos of Frank standing outside the Sands (and I am not sure what time of year that was taken) and getting divorced in Mexico (actually it is from the film Marriage on the Rocks which came out September 24, 1965):

Still, Frank is popular all over:  

Is this why so many Syrians are going to Greece?

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  1. Summer pretty much destroys me and Spring is too often too little, too late.

    even though it always had the beginning of school associated with it, I guess Fall is my favorite time of year.


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