Thursday, September 17, 2015

So who should replace Hamilton on the Ten Dollar Bill?


  1. I think that just using Bruce Jenner as the poster child for women everywhere would work and be very progressive at the same time. (unless you want to go with Rachael Dolezal) Both would be fun. However we could put Lizzy Warren on the $20, because she's every bit as much an Indian as Rachael Dolezal is African-American.

  2. Don't replace Hamilton or Old Hickory.

    If the Lefties are so stupid it took them this long to figure out Jackson hated Indians, they're too stupid to be given the right to pick a successor.

  3. Ayn Rand. There's no other woman deserving of being on U.S. currency.

    1. I like a lot of things about Ayn Rand, but she shouldn't be on the currency. Anyway, Ayn would be offended to have her likeness put on mere fiat currency! If you want to honor Ayn, put her mug on gold or silver coinage!


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