Thursday, September 3, 2015

Rule of law only applies to Christians and Conservatives...

I think Kim Davis should issue the marriage certificates (since that is the law of the land, even if we disagree with the disgraceful way it was imposed) or resign because she morally opposes doing so, but that the government will go the step of holding her in contempt over this and jailing her is far more morally offensive.  And you can be sure what is next are civil suits, because you will be made to think and act the way they want you to act.  
Cecil is that you?

Instapundit: Kim Davis is a Democrat (something the lamestream media conveniently ignores) but so what, she is a Christian opposing the state over an issue of faith and you know how that historically turns out...meanwhile Clinton and her aides get a pass and Obama selectively enforces lawsRules of Civility only flow one way. Democrats are free to ignore any law they disagree with (without consequence)

EBL: 800th Anniversary of the Magna Carta (we need you more than ever)
Mark Steyn: Hillary's Long Goodbye (I hope he is right, but I am not so sure of that)
Rush Limbaugh: Hillary's server guy to take the 5th
AoSQH: Larry McMurtry was right! (I am going to throw in a bonus Diane Lane/Lorena Woods Rule 5 for that)

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Wombat: Megan McArdle: Clerk opposed to gay marriage shouldn't go to jail
Camp of the Saints: #IStandWithKim Davis
The Federalist: Breaking the law is only okay when progressives do it
Instapundit: Focus your attacks Hugh and Donald: Worst. President. EverHillary is weirdHow to fill Supreme Court vacanciesLarry McMurtry was rightthe media needs to show its bias
TOM: The privileged of the oppressed
Rush Limbaugh: Obama created the Syrian crisis and Lady of the Left gloats on Gay Marriage

Weirddave at AoSHQ is getting into the Rule of Law thingI better bring back this post.
The Federalist, as usual, is spot on
TOM: Is Gamergate Sarah Nyberg trolling for underaged girls?
Red State: A nation of men, not laws
NRO: What about clerks who won't issue conceal carry permits?
Instapundit: Eugene Volokh gives a good analysis on when accommodations will be made on faith, WaPo compares Kim Davis to George Wallace (well they both were Democrats), I agree with Ed Driscoll, the Rule of Law message will soon be forgotten by the Left (they are all about the ends, they care less about the means)
Oregon Judge now in trouble...
Kevin Williamson


  1. Gag me!

    McMurtry hates Texas and everything Texan. If he could, he'd be a native New Yorker (from the song of the same name).

    As for the rule of law, remember the New Left 50 years ago (you may be too young) said Lefties had not only the right, but the obligation to disobey what they considered were "unjust" laws. That was their justification for campus sit-ins, takeovers, riots, shouting down anybody who disagreed with them, and anything else you care to mention

    So give it right back to them. Shove it in their faces and down their throats.

    God, I love that woman and her attitude. I hope she never gives in.

    Don't be nice. Be as nasty as they are. And never give in.

    1. ed, you feel strong about McMurtry don't you? Read the piece that Ace linked and what he is saying. And anyone who wrote Lonesome Dove can't be all bad (and yes I am also familiar with McMurtry's other work). s

      But I share your disgust about the one way streets the Left travels on.


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