Wednesday, September 16, 2015

#IStandWithAhmed: Irving Texas school officials and prosecutors might want to rethink this one...

I am not automatically assuming this is racism (complete and utter stupidity on the part of the school administrators involved seems more likely) but we should be encouraging kids who wear NASA shirts and build their own clocks at home...

Instapundit: School administrator thuggish-ness knows no racial or religious bounds and liberals, this is about insane zero tolerance policies (not racism), he didn't cooperate enough?  and two Daily Mails in one, Ahmed gets to visit with Barack
AoSHQ: SJWs out of control


Legal Insurrection: Zero Tolerance Is To Blame

Rush Limbaugh says the clock looked like a bomb, but the problem was the teachers knew it was not a bomb (that was confirmed) before he was arrested and the student never said it was a bomb (so it was not like he was making threats) so why arrest him?  That is why this is a zero tolerance issue.  The school and cops were not wrong to ask about it, they were wrong to over react to it.

AoSHQ: Ahmed's Clock Explained: not much of an invention, as a trip down memory lane...

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