Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Breaking: Obama's Disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal Guaranteed to Pass With Democrat Votes

Washington Free Beacon: Iran vows to violate UN restriction on ballistic misiles
EBL: GOP Establishment Fail: Thanks To Bob Corker and Mitch McConnell, Obama Nuke Deal Likely To Pass
AoSHQ: Failure Theater (Obama does not even have to veto the Senate, great job Corker and McConnell)

WFB: Obama's Trainwreck of a Deal will never be forgotten
AoSHQ: The RNC does have its priorities.

Instapundit: Democrats own Iran now?, Gwen Ifill lets us know her biashow to destroy a city in five minutes, and a victory for Obama and a defeat for America

I agree with Rush Limbaugh, the GOP assumes Iran will get a bomb, so they figure it is better it be all on Obama. This is really pathetic and weak, but that is Boehner, Corker and McConnell.  

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  1. Mikulski, who's already announced her retirement, would have been expected to be on board from the beginning, so she must have had doubts.

    One suspects, Zero was handing out tickets to the Ex-Messiah fallout shelter to get everybody's compliance. too bad those have an expiration date, like everything else His Poutiness says or does.


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