Saturday, August 15, 2015

While ISIS engages in wholesale rape and murder, Feminists freak over exaggerated and imaginary boogeymen back home...

I noted that yesterday was the 70th Anniversary of Japanese Surrender in WWII.  William Jacobson asks if we could accomplish that task today?  In our current state of readiness and leadership, absolutely not.  But faced with a real threat, the USA could potentially rise to the challenge.  The problem is would we do so quickly enough? While ISIS shows its true character by using gas against Kurdish targets and raping and murdering innocents in the middle east, the west (mostly) ignores and actively downplays the threat.

College men are portrayed (mostly completely falsely and almost always grossly exaggerated when crimes have occurred) as brutal rapist, while real brutal rapists come into our country illegally (how many Americans need to die from this). And ISIS and its fellow Islamists are opening terrorizing populations in Nigeria, Syria and Iraq. ISIS is evil. Feminists give them a pass. 
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  1. If the feminuts ever went after the real oppressors of women, they wouldn't last 10 seconds.

    Wonder how Gloria Allred would do if the deck were stacked in the other direction.


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