Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Trump Sanders Dream Team?

Instapundit: Yeah, that's the ticket!

Instapundit: Sanders +7 over Hillary in NH, Sanders is how the Democrat party sees itself, Hillary is what the Democrat party is, Sanders does not have a #BlackLivesMatter problem, he has a George Soros problem, Ouch, #BlackLivesMatter, Trump like Obama, how much does Halperin get, and a Mighty Wind and Sanders vs. Howard Dean

One old socialist honest enough to call himself a socialist is beating another old socialist calling herself a Democrat in New Hampshire.
AoSHQ/BenKJWF: Trump drops 10 in NH after Megyn Kelly
Hot Air: Trump vows never to give up his microphone like Bernie Sanders did (so will Trump protect Bernie like Jack protected Rose)
Regular Right Guy: Bernie in Seattle but AmPowBlog for #BlackLivesMatter, white progressives are still white supremacists
Rush Limbaugh: Hillary might be in real trouble, Bernie Sanders Phenomenon, Megyn and the Donald: No Apologies

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  1. Bernie is no Kate, but I like that these guys are shaking things up.

    Bernie's the only guy admitting unemployment is 37%.


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