Thursday, August 13, 2015

Punching Back Twice As Hard: Mark Steyn against Michael Mann on Climate Change and Mann's "hockey stick"

Go buy his book, he will even sign it for you

Mark Steyn: What a Piece of Work on Mann and A Disgrace To The Profession and Buy Steyn's book to stick it to Steyn (confused, perhaps, but why argue with Mann supporters' logic)

EBL: How did the EPA managed to dump millions of gallons of toxic waste into a Colorado river This is Barack Obama's "you've been dong a heck of a job" moment to his EPA head Gina McCarthy. It's not a climate change story, but it is a good example of how the government often makes problems worse (and is rarely held accountable for it).

Since we are talking global warming and climate change, Ace also had this on Carly Fiorina response to Katy Couric on climate change and coal. I agree with Chicks on the Right, I like Fiorina's answer (a lot). Merely going to the media with "your wrong" is like using that approach with your spouse that (only worse). Primacy has locked people's thinking in on global warming and climate change. You will not sway them with that approach. Taking their arguments apart point by point is more persuasive (I really like her pivoting on jobs, regulation, China and turbines chopping up eagles).

I also do not think it is capitulation to acknowledge mankind's actions may have some impact on the environment.  Those wind turbines Carly Florina mentions, for example, have an impact on raptors and bats flying by. Barack Obama's EPA is having a heck of a negative impact on a Colorado river. Heck, even humble cow flatulence can allegedly play a roll with the climate (I swear it wasn't me)!
The left went after Michael Crichton and Bjørn Lomborg too. For all the ranting and ravings by scientist about the Catholic Church 500 years ago, the scientific orthodoxy on climate change today is arguably even more rigid (of course that it has become a #1.5 trillion dollar industry with 15% growth rate is part of the problem).  A lot of people have a lot to lose if the apple cart gets over turned.

Mark Steyn: An absolutely devastating summary and the big Finnish and when 'science journalists' attack

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  1. The best moment in that entire interview was when she looked directly into the camera just before calling the government corrupt.


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