Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Election 2016: Be careful what you wish for...

Biden 2016: Not scary enough for you?  

Could a Biden Warren Ticket Unify the Democrats Into An Unbeatable Army of Dead? 

Instapundit: Yeahthat's the ticket! (bumped), So is Joe Biden waiting to step in after Obama Jarrett finish Hillary off?, Sanders says Obama unemployment numbers can't be trusted, video of Hillary's offices in Chappaqua, remember how Obama and Biden were bragging about Iraq and Syria in 2010 Talking about the dead, how has Iraq, Syria and Libya turned out on Obama-Biden's watch?, wasn't Hillary's server seized?the public wants a criminal probe of Hillary, Fournier on Hillary and her crumbling fortress, and Trump Carson or Carson Trump?Tan, Rested, Readythe Iceman ComethDenial is not just a river in Egypt

Rush Limbaugh: Hillary might be in real troublepanic city for the democrats, and Hillary threatens Obama's legacy

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