Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Is this why they are retiring the elephant show?

Instapundit/Ed Driscoll: Why the Trump focus on Fox News? 

Ace does not see the upside for Trump, although the benefits for Fox will be enormous.

Mark Steyn: So what is the Republican Party for anyway?
AoSHQ: Frank Luntz suffers from acute Coulrophobia...then again Frank don't look in a mirror!

Don't get too smug Democrats, you have your own animal freak show:  

Lem's Levity: The progressive case for Trump and Who is Jorge Ramos?


  1. Trump was wrong to make a big deal out of Megyn Kelly's questions...he should have stopped after the did the hands up and spread gesture. That said it all...its his choice. Legitimately so. And it was a valid question, however irritating it might have been to the Donald. None of us are perfect, and neither is he. The 3rd party question is a valid one, but no need to make a big deal of it. Especially when he followed up with if I'm the Republican nominee I'd not run 3rd party. Really, well Duh! I doubt I'd run 3rd party either if nominated by the principle party. I mean what-the-flip? He needs to improve focus, because he's resonating with a whole lot of folks and doesn't need to puerile spite...he can really make it if he can remain on topic and focus. Megyn is NOT the the topic. She's not the RNC or the old guard Republican establishment, who are far more threatening to his campaign than any news person of any ilk. I have no idea (I admit it) whether the Donald would be a good POTUS but I have no doubt he could not be worse than the present one, or Hillary, who'd be even worse. Maybe we need a renegade just to shake things up. I'd like more substance from Trump, but few others offer it either...just the worn out platitudes. As a Michigan "Republican" ( the only difference between a Repub & a Dem here is the lapel pin) I am ready for a change, whatever it might be save a socialist...and even Bernie makes more sense than Hilary, so call me confused...cause I am.

  2. Add to the above, that any 3rd party run by Trump or any other Repub candidate would guarantee a Hillary or Biden (I suspect he'll run and get Obama's endorsement, throwing Hillary under the proverbial bus) victory. Is that what we want? Clinton won with 43% of the popular vote, thanks to Perot...a classic example of the paving stones to Hades. I voted for Clinton, but not because of Perot ... and I think, now, that I was badly mistaken. That happens now and then. Hillary is not Bill, who could sell snow cones to Inuits, but she is a cretin who is wholly amoral and refuses to honor responsibility to her own constituency, let alone the rest of us.


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