Friday, August 28, 2015

Game Changing NLRB Ruling: Are we obligated to tip robot restaurant workers?

With this NLRB ruling (via Hot Air), the future may be coming sooner than you think!

This is definitely a game changer if it sticks. 
A trend toward automation
Meanwhile, technology companies are finding a receptive audience among quick service and fast casual restaurants looking to limit their exposure to labor market risk. With Seattle leading the pack in passing a local $15 minimum wage, and pressure mounting for a minimum wage increase in Congress and in state legislatures nationwide, more and more food service companies are looking to automate more of their processes—taking them out of the hands of employees and putting them in the hands of robots. Research from Oxford University projects that there is a 92% probability that most fast food preparation and delivery will be automated over the next few decades.
Momentum Machines, for example, has developed and is marketing a robot that makes burgers, right down to pickle slicing. Their machine will produce 360 hamburgers an hour.

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