Sunday, August 2, 2015

Dems taking Trump Seriously and general cultural things...

Did Cecil The Lion's Brother get wacked?  Others say no, Jericho the Lion is ok. And while I am disturbed Cecil was killed, we have more important things to think about than #CatLivesMatter Pandering. [Darleen Click: Mugabe served up a whole zoo for his birthday]

This one sort of threw me but, Norman Lear is a social conservative?  I find this all a bit condescending because I (and most conservatives I know) care about the poor and needy (and probably as much or more than Norman Lear does).  They just know government handouts rarely work to improve poor people lives.  So is Norman Lear like a certain religious leader we know? Cheap virtue (which is what most government action is) generally causes more harm than good. But I am glad Norman Lear is getting some introspection at 93 (and he did serve in WWII, so he has my respect for that too). [As noted at AoSHQ, what does this say about the Obama years, when you have lost Norman Lear...]

I heard Lear on Siriusly Sinatra recently and his picks and observations were interesting.  Here is my Sinatra pick for this week.

Republicans are scrambling for the debate:

There are a lot of cats in this debate...

There are a few front runners who I would prefer dropped out (yes Jeb, I am referring to you) and others in the rear that should not bother (Chris Christie, the Jersey Shore is calling for you, and Lindsay Graham, someone must be calling for you too).  I like Carly Fiorina and I look forward to hearing how the candidates do against each other and Trump.  I am not sure what to expect, but I suspect Trump will draw in new viewers so this is an opportunity for the entire field.  

Mark Steyn: The Bunny In Winter (yup, Whoopi Goldberg manages to put a bummer on Bugs Bunny)

Instapundit: Trump success shows how much the base hates GOP leadership (seriously the GOP Establishment should pause and consider the implications of that) and Lear and Francis should consider, socialism always starts with the same promises and end with the same disaster.

EBL: #CatsLivesMatter, Hilla The Hun, Trump goes after Huma, and Why Ask Why?

Cecil and Cecile: No Humaneness for the Humans and where there is animal worship, there is human sacrifice and loving animals, loving people


  1. After decades of ineptitude on the part of the GOP, I honestly don't think I'll ever pull the lever for them again for the presidency. Our choices since Reagan have been Bush, Dole, Bush, Bush, McCain, and Romney. Now Trump is the frontrunner? WTF is wrong with the GOP? I've ranted against the leadership, but it appears that the base has found some leftover Kool-Aid. I usually run toward political conversations, but I've avoided them lately, as I have no rational explanation for Trump.

    Thinking Trump is the answer to our nation's woes is almost (note: ALMOST) as crazy as thinking Sanders is the answer to our nation's woes, yet the MSM is happy to give the commie a pass.

    The post-modern world sucks.

    1. Trump is a symptom of years of poor GOP candidates and it being early the cycle and voters not paying a lot of attention yet. I am hoping Scott Walker gets some traction, since I think he is the most substantive candidate who can win the general.

  2. The problem with the GOP is 100% with the base. In recent years, more people are becoming libertarian but there are still enough for both parties to count on falling into the "lesser evil" trap.

    Tyranny is never forced. It is an act of mutual consent between subject and master. Ending it is a simple matter of saying no and meaning it.

    1. Nothing is 100%. Most politics is compromise (to a point) but there should be core principals. The problem with the GOP is primarily with the establishment leadership not paying attention to the concerns of the base. Romney's lost in the last election was more about the GOP staying home (and voting no) than participating in a choice of Obama vs. Romney. While I think that was a mistake given the circumstances, I understand why they did so.

    2. The leadership has the base in a vice. Vote for them and legitimize their lies and deceit, or pay a price for defiance by letting people like Obama win. It is a win-win for the establishment, because they vote with the democrats most of the time anyway.

      Even if we got a Ronald Reagan like majority in congress (as well as a president) things are going to be painful for years since recovery will not be immediate, especially if the recovery efforts were to be done legally instead of by decree. Letting the establishment feed off of desperation is going to ensure the pain continues. Letting the left gain a tactical victory -- to destroy the establishment -- in favor of a later strategic defeat will be painful as well, but once the establishment sees its funds dry up and interest wane, they will change out of self preservation. The left cannot be successful in the long term by the very nature of its self-contradictions and economics.

  3. If only 30 Republican Congressmen formed their own coalition and threatened to side with the Dems, they could cripple the GOP in the House. That might get the leadership's attention. In the Senate, it would only take four to do the same. That would make it 50-50, with Biden getting to break the inevitable ties.

    Showing that kind of courage and brass balls could get something going, but I'm not holding my breath.

    1. You mean like those John McCain Gangs of Eight or Twelve or what ever they were? Funny how those coalitions tend to only support solutions shifted left of center.

    2. Yeah, and they only last for the one swipe at the Constitution. Another rises for the next swipe.


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