Friday, August 21, 2015

CNN's War on Women: Carly Fiorina being excluded from the CNN debate

AoSHQ: Misogynistic and Partisan CNN excluding Carly Fiorina from the next GOP debate

CNN controls its protocol and implements a methodology that utilizes polls before the Fox News debate. This disfavors Fiorina.  This did not just "happen" this is CNN trying to game the political process.  Instapundit asks (and rightly so), why does CNN hate women? 

Rule 5 and FMJRA

I am not a big Trump fan or hater (I am mostly observing, although I like how he has shifted the debate). Whether he has the legs to go all the way remains to be seen. But I am not sure why the GOP would not want a player with chops against the opposition like Carly to be excluded from the mix at this stage (that is not slight on Trump to say that).
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  1. She poses a serious threat to candidate Clinton. Hillary does not want to face off against Carly.

  2. Mrs Fiorina is showing herself to be one of the top contenders and the Lefties are scared to death of her.


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