Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Why Scott Walker Will Win

American Spectator: Six Reasons Walker Will Win 
PJ Tatler/Michael Walsh: Walker Fights

As much as The Donald (drink) has sucked the media oxygen up lately, and Jeb has sucked up the donations, Walker (who I suspect will surprise people) will probably do well in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.
Instapundit: Taking out professor tenure is like expelling Wormtongue in LoTR and will he sell out?

The Media Is Against Us: Ted Cruz and the NYT best seller list and the Media ignores the PP story, why? (to ask the question is to answer it).
Smitty: Daily Pundit not cynical enough about Trump


  1. He's the only one in the field that I want to donate. If I thought Cruz was really serious, I might donate just so he can get out his message, I doubt he would win a nomination. Overall, my interest is with the candidates that are or have been Governors. I'd even consider Kasich, but it does not include Christy. My order is Walker, Perry, Kasich. The further a candidate is from the DC/Acela Corridor mindset (Trump is in the middle of it), the better I like them.

  2. I didn't mention Jeb. I simply don't think he could win, as I'm sure the overall electorate is done with the Clinton/Bush legacies. I don't even want to see a Clinton/Bush rematch for political sport, which I'm sure the DC mindset would just enjoy like a bloodsport. I would have preferred Jeb over W, but that wasn't an option, and unfortunately for Jeb, I don't want another Bush. Also, every Bush has ended up being a disappointment by the end of term. He's not a bad guy though.

  3. The left despises him, which is reason enough to love Walker, but I'm still unsure of his creds. Obama has put us in a massively bad situation internationally and he is not ready for prime time in that regard. As much of a boob as Hillary is, she was SECSTATE and in debates, she does have a lot of experience to call on, which is not good for Walker. A lot depends on his team and I'm persuaded that he has a good one.

    1. I think his creds are pretty good. He was an intern for IBM, which he parlayed into a job with the American Red Cross. He then moved into local politics, then to state Assembly, and then became Governor. Hillary worked at a lawfirm, in which she got a rapist off on a technicality, she quit the job to be a housewife in a publicly managed Governor's mansions and then the White House. Only late in her life did she become a Senator to New York, where her biggest accomplishment was voting for the war in Iraq. The she became SecState, where she reset relations with Russia to the Cold War, deposed Qhaddiffi for a throw away rif on a Caesar quote, and did nothing when one of her Ambassadors was under attack. I'll take Walker's credentials any day, and compared to "present" former Senator Obama.... yeah still take Walker.

      Otherwise, I agree, which is why I'm not putting much interest into Cruz (although as a Texan, I voted for him, especially over Dewhurst). And while Perry has the experience, I think Walker is more media savvy and better on conservative instinct. And if Walker needs to run to the middle to win the general election; I would trust him enough to play the game as Obama did and Hillary will, with a wink and nod to the real supporters that it is merely words for the LIVs.

  4. Walker's a fighter and he can handle the media.

    Same with Cruz, Fiorina, Jindal, and the Donald.

    There's your top tier next year.


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