Monday, July 20, 2015

These transgender chicks sure seem to act like thuggish men... (and can we use them in the war against ISIS)

While the media world applauds Caitlyn Jenner on her transformation, real heroes are being left defenseless and being murdered. We have lost 34 service members in Obama's gun free zones. Mark Steyn sums the depressing reality well with: The Enemy Within, Senselessness and Sensibility, and Strangers on a Train.

Camp of the Saints has the call to Avenge Them. Hmmm, maybe Zoey Tur can direct some of that testosterone fueled male aggression of hers toward an appropriate enemy of tolerance like ISIS?  I am all for women in combat like Zoey Tur.

And Ben Shapiro is absolutely right--biologically Jenner remains a man. If an adult Bruce Jenner wants to transition to Caitlyn through surgery on his (D'Oh) her own dime, good for him (D'oh) her.  But as Open Blogger notes, kids are being mutilated  and abused in the name of transgender experiments.

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  1. Bruce has told us he wants his plumbing left where it is, so he's no girl.

    As for Bob, he'll pull that with the wrong guy and will be decked, to the delight of all.


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