Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Politcal Correctness and Leftist Madness: Drag Queens banned from Gay Pride Event for fear of offending Transgenders, Crazy Man Hating Cat Ladies, Conservatives learning to combat a hostile media, and Hillary trying not to piss off the Left

Darlene Click: Pass The Popcorn!
Forget about La Cage aux Folles and Pricilla Queen of the Desert, your act is no longer welcomed.

TOM: Random Feminist Craziness (are you surprised Harriet Williamson has a cat)
I am offended if men find me attractive!

Wombat: DaTechGuy (Ted Cruz as the 4th Dr. Who and Minions--recognize the media for what it is) and Rush's The Drive Bys missed his point about Trump (actually they ignored it) and EBL: The Donald, Hillary and Jeb and Rush's Teachable Moment

With the exception that unlike Dick Nixon, she may not win...

Instapundit: Hillary Clinton actually learned from her mistake (and O'Malley should have paid attention)--don't piss off the fringe activists during primary season!, is it time to stop making everything a gender issue, Tim Cook's social activism not working for Apple, Americans not happy with the direction the country is going, and Hillary channels Dick Nixon (if Dick Nixon was a drag queen, he would be Hillary Clinton...)
Mark Steyn: Gunfire at the Cold Call Corral

Rule 5 and FMJRA

Don Surber: Scottish Drag Queens Banned?
Camp of the Saints: Maybe feminists could speak up about this sort of thing?
AoSHQ: About Paulo (fake but accurate) and Grillax Bro
TOM: Crazy Blasphemous Feminist Dildo Art on Tumblr

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