Saturday, July 11, 2015

Marine Lt. Col. Kate Germano is a hero...

And of course, she got fired for it...welcome to a fundamentally transformed America.  

h/t AoSHQ on both stories: here and here

Tough love in the Marine Corps (a/k/a training) is about saving lives when actual combat happens. Coddling women in training does not help them, it puts them and their fellow Marines in danger.  Lt. Col. Germano obviously got that.  The current USMC upper-leadership, following our Commander In Chief, obviously do not get it.  

She is out of uniform here, back in 2008, but for a good cause...


  1. This is the same sort of thing that happened in the Army 20 years ago under Willie.

    Welcome to the party, pal.

  2. It is unfortunate that some in the Marine leadership have forgotten why and how they were trained. I did note that Brigadier General Williams was a 1986 Academy graduate. That probably explains his lack of understanding of both the necessity and the traditions of the Marines.
    For reference I point to a sample scene from the movie "The D.I.". In it, which I believe was typical of Marine training at the time (the movie was mild as compared to real drill sergeants), there was no concern about "publicly berating and showing contempt for subordinates, bullying Marines and singling them out for under-performance".
    You can bet those who would oppose us in combat have no such qualms.

    1. The whole purpose of rigorous training is to save lives. This PC coddling nonsense will end up in Marines being killed and missions jeopardized. It is completely wrong. Lt.Col. Germano is putting her own career on the line rather than give into this.


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