Saturday, July 25, 2015

I am starting to think these radical feminists and social justice warriors are completely insane...

Where do you begin with this sort of ad hominem attack?  Did they mix up The Other McCain with Bill Cosby? Almost every point in this letter below is false or completely over the top. While The Other McCain has been pointing out the insanity of radical feminist scene for some time, I have never seen Robert Stacy McCain promote rape, suggest that rape is a good thing, or say anything other than actual rape should be criminally prosecuted in the courts. You can be anti rape and still point out feminism's rape culture insanity.  

Instapundit: Most of us denounce and want to see prosecutions of perpetrators of real rape culture
TOM: Notes on Survival Amid the Madness


  1. The feminuts have gotten everything they want from the courts and legislatures for 40 years.

    Obviously, we have not scratched the surface of lunacy

  2. If feminists cared about rape, they would be attacking the practitioners of Sharia Law. If they cared, they would be encouraging women to have a gun, and reminding them that a restraining order is just a piece of paper and nothing more. However, they do not care.

    Feminists are the real world version of the Junior Anti-Sex League, and like 1984, their goal is the deprivation of love and happiness. At best, misery loves company; most feminists are bitter, envious women without the will to make themselves desirable or the responsibility to make sure they find a guy who would love and respect them. At worst, progressivism needs mobs and mobs cannot survive without envy and hate.

  3. Feminist rants? Remember Kathleen Hanna's hilarious rant about men in music: link


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