Friday, July 10, 2015

How bad is media bias? CNN blames Republicans for confirming Barack Obama's OPM head Katherine Archuleta

Another massive security cyber breach of government records has been discovered and today the Obama Administration's OPM head Katherine Archuleta resigned (presumably on orders from the White House).  
Heck of a job Kathy

Hot Air: CNN blames Republicans for confirming Obama's pick. CNN is absolutely shameless.

AoSHQ: Has CNN stealth edited its story after being called on it? 

Instapundit: Improving security with paper (people in leadership positions are so stupid and ignorant they cannot be trusted with digital data) and Archuleta out 


  1. It really is bad. That it would even be a story compared to her incompetence is bad enough, but as noted, 5 times as many Democrats voted for her confirmation than Republicans. There are also no Democrats interested in investigating how this happened. Target had more scrutiny from the news media and politicians than this data breach.

  2. It's called damage control and Dr Goebbels is gonna come back to life just to get these guys for making him look so bad.


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