Thursday, June 18, 2015

South Carolina Shooter Captured

Shooter captured.
RIP to the victims and prayers for their families

But I would rather focus on the victims than the shooter.  My condolences and prayers to those hurt and injured in this crime. The scene of the crime, the Emanuel African Methodist Church, is a landmark and has a long history in Charleston.

American Power Blog and Emo Racist Captured
Legal Insurrection
I share DrewM.'s sentiments: And read this.
Lem's Place

Instapundit: Charlie Hebdo unavailable for rebuttal on President Obama's comments and suspect captured
To help President Obama out with the facts, AoSHQ has a list of countries where mass shootings have happened (wow, quite a list)
Federalist: Lack of gun control did not cause Charleston shooting
Darleen Click/Protein Wisdom
Instapundit: What tattoo artists can teach Republicans
Mark Steyn: The politicization of everything
Instapundit: Hillary goes for cheap political opportunity and exploitation while Bernie Sanders actually acts responsibility and gets savaged by the Democrat media and let's remember the victims, not the shooter
Legal Insurrection: Forgiveness and Pain

Lem's Place: How to Donate To The Victims
Racist manifesto of shooter (once convicted he should be forgotten and only the victims remembered)

EBL: #BlackLivesMatter

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