Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Frank Sinatra 100 Celebration: Robin and the Seven Hoods and Mr. Booze

Definitely not the best Sinatra movie out there, but with Mark going with the Coffee Song this week* and Pundette Drinking Again (well at least with this Mercer song selection last week), this ensemble number with Crosby, Martin, Davis, and Sinatra seems appropriate: 

* Bob and Pundette (via Peggy Lee) like their coffee too!

There are some great Cahn-Van Heusen songs in this score, including My Kind of Town (which I suspect different versions of which we may be hearing on Mark, Bob, and Pundette's lists in the near future).
Here is a place to sample a bit of it. 

Sinatra kicked Peter Lawford off this movie for the slight of Kennedy staying with Bing Crosby in Palm Springs (Sinatra did not think Lawford did enough to intervene for him)...but then Bing Crosby was cast in Lawford's place. Kennedy also got the news of Kennedy's murder while on this set of this film.

Mark Steyn for Father's Day Mark has this especially appropriate pick (and also has the Coffee Song noted above)
Bob has It Had To Be You and A Foggy Day in London Town (and others including Witchcraft)

I had Frank's version of Tony Hatch's Call Me (I agree with Pundette on her take on that song--great song but not one of Frank's best; Nancy's cover seems to fit that song better than her dad's), Songs Sinatra Did Not Record, I belatedly remembered Dean Martin's birthday earlier this month, and also had this Sinatra/Hoagy Carmichael heartbreaker (which is also Mark's song last week)

Don’t forget to also keep checking out
It’s a swingin’ world.

Frank seems to be enjoying himself here

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