Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Call The Real Criminals And Racists Out

TOM: A Dangerous Precedent, in response to this comment I posted these memes.

Humor (sometimes) works too:

The National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor, 1973, edited by Michael O'Donoghue and art directed by Gross. 
This publication featured the fake Volkswagen ad seen above, which was written by Anne Beatts. The spoof was listed in the contents page as "Doyle Dane Bernbach," the name of the advertising agency that had produced the iconic 1960s ad campaign for Volkswagen. According to Mark Simonson's "Very Large National Lampoon Site":
"If you buy a copy of this issue, you may find the ad is missing. As a result of a lawsuit by VW over the ad for unauthorized use of their trademark, NatLamp was forced to remove the page (with razor blades!) from any copies they still had in inventory (which, from what I gather, was about half the first printing of 250,000 copies) and all subsequent reprints. For what it's worth, Ted Kennedy didn't sue."

Mark Steyn: Democrats: World Champs of Institutional Racism
Camp of the Saints: Malice toward all and charity to none...

Instapundit: Democrats need to Denounce Woodrow Wilson!
Legal Insurrection: Mark Steyn: The Confederate Flag is a Democrat Problem

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