Saturday, June 20, 2015

2015 U.S. Open Chambers Bay: Great for TV, not so much for live spectators. Update: Jordan Spieth Wins!

Caddie Confidential (issues with greens at Chambers Bay)
Dustin Johnson chokes on put (heartbreaker), but shows class in responding to it...
Rush Limbaugh: A tale of two 21 year olds (I respect the point being made, but I would not compare them because the criminal is not worth noting at all).


  1. Christ, looks like Omaha Beach.

    Where are the gun emplacements?

  2. It was telling the studio announcers not understanding Gary Player's rant. He's right. Many of the public courses I played looked like that course, even in a rainy season. You don't encourage new golfers when they have to play a course as challenging as that. It perhaps might be the type of challenge PGA professionals should face once and awhile (as the studio guys suggested), but why not build a par/scratch course the average player can achieve and let the PGA professionals knock in their -4/-5 each round? Nobody needs the challenge of a fairway that has a 3 yard strip of flat space with the penalty of a wide slopping hill away from the green as hard as marble whenever you miss the flat space. That's not a challenge, that's just being a pain in the ass because you could. Sadism is of course challenging, but it also sucks for those looking to enjoy a nice couple of hours out of the office and the house.


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